Datasheet IMD112T-6F040 (Infineon)

描述SmartDriver with PMSM/BLDC motor & PFC controller and gate driver
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IMD111T-6F040, IMD112T-6F040. iMOTION™ IMD111T/IMD112T - Smart driver for motor

Datasheet IMD112T-6F040 Infineon, 修订版: 01_00



IMD111T-6F040, IMD112T-6F040 iMOTION™ IMD111T/IMD112T - Smart driver for motor control Motor controller with integrated high-voltage gate driver IMD111T/IMD112T Features
• Motion Control Engine (MCE) as a ready-to-use control solution for variable speed drives • Integrated script engine for application control customization • Integrated drive and system protection features • Field oriented control (FOC) for permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) • Flexible space vector PWM for sinusoidal voltage control • Current sensing via single or leg shunt • Sensorless or Hall sensor operation(analog/digital Hall) • Integrated analog comparators for over-current protection • Built-in temperature sensor • Power factor correction (PFC) control • Flexible control input options: UART, Frequency, duty cycle or analog signal • Certified drive safety functions according to IEC/UL 60730-1 ‘Class B’ • High voltage three phase gate driver with 600 V blocking voltage • 15V supply voltage for gate driver • Thin-film-SOI-technology with negative transient robustness • Ultra fast integrated boot strap diodes • Integrated 5 V voltage regulator for controller supply • External 5 V output available • Small LQFP-40 package with improved clearance & creepage • Footprint derived from LQFP-48
Potential applications
• Small and major home appliances • Fans, Pumps, Compressors • General purpose variable speed drives
Product validation
Qualified for industrial applications according to the relevant tests of JEDEC47/20/22. Datasheet Please read the Important Notice and Warnings at the end of this document 1.0
2020-12-4 Document Outline Features Potential applications Product validation Description Table of contents 1 Block diagram reference 2 Pin configuration 2.1 Pin definitions and functions 2.2 Pin configuration drawing IMD111T 2.3 Pin configuration drawing IMD112T 3 Functional description 3.1 Overview 3.2 Motion Control Engine 3.3 Gate Driver 3.4 Low Side Supply (VCC, VSS and COM) 3.5 High Side Supplies (VB1,2,3 and VS1,2,3) 3.6 Low and High Side Outputs (LO1,2,3 and HO1,2,3) 3.7 Internal Voltage Regulator 3.8 Application diagrams 4 Electrical characteristics and parameters 4.1 General parameters 4.1.1 Parameter Interpretation 4.1.2 Absolute maximum ratings 4.1.3 Pin Reliability in Overload 4.1.4 Operating Conditions 4.2 DC characteristics 4.2.1 Input/Output Characteristics 4.2.2 Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) 4.2.3 Analog comparator characteristics 4.2.4 Power Supply Current 4.2.5 Flash Memory Parameters 4.2.6 Static parameters gate driver 4.2.7 Static parameters voltage regulator 4.3 AC characteristics 4.3.1 Testing Waveforms 4.3.2 On-Chip Oscillator Characteristics 4.3.3 Dynamic parameters gate driver 4.3.4 Timing diagrams 4.4 Motor Control Parameters 4.4.1 PWM Characteristics 4.4.2 Current Sensing 4.4.3 Fault Timing 4.5 Power Factor Correction (PFC) parameters 4.5.1 Boost PFC characteristics 4.5.2 Totem Pole PFC characteristics 4.5.3 PFC Current Sensing 4.6 Control Interface Parameters 4.6.1 Control Input Interfaces 4.6.2 Serial Interface Parameters UART Interface 4.6.3 Over Temperature Input 4.6.4 Pulse Output 5 Device and package specifications 5.1 Quality declaration 5.2 SBSL and Chip-IDs 5.3 Thermal considerations 5.4 Package Outline PG-LQFP-40-1 5.5 Part marking information Revision history Disclaimer