Datasheet NV6125 (Navitas Semiconductor) - 3

制造商Navitas Semiconductor
描述650 V GaNFast Power IC
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NV6125. 6. Specifications. Absolute Maximum Ratings(1). SYMBOL. PARAMETER. MAX. UNITS. Recommended Operating Conditions(3). MIN. TYP

NV6125 6 Specifications Absolute Maximum Ratings(1) SYMBOL PARAMETER MAX UNITS Recommended Operating Conditions(3) MIN TYP




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NV6125 NV6125 6. Specifications Absolute Maximum Ratings(1)
(with respect to Source (pad) unless noted)
V Drain-to-Source Voltage -7 to +650 V DS V Transient Drain-to-Source Voltage(2) 750 V TDS V Supply Voltage 30 V CC V PWM Input Pin Voltage -3 to +30 V PWM V V DZ DD Setting Pin Voltage 6.6 V V Drive Supply Voltage 7.2 V DD V Cooling Pad Voltage -10 to +10 V CP I Continuous Drain Current (@ T D C = 100ºC) 8 A I PULSE Pulsed Drain Current (10 µs @ T D J = 25°C) 16 A I PULSE Pulsed Drain Current (10 µs @ T D J = 125°C) 12 A dV/dt Slew Rate on Drain-to-Source 200 V/ns T Operating Junction Temperature -55 to 150 ºC J T Storage Temperature -55 to 150 ºC STOR (1) Absolute maximum ratings are stress ratings; devices subjected to stresses beyond these ratings may cause permanent damage. (2) < 100 µs. VTDS is intended for surge rating during non-repetitive events (for example start-up, line interruption).
Recommended Operating Conditions(3) SYMBOL PARAMETER MIN TYP MAX UNITS
V Drive Supply Set Zener Voltage(4) 5.8 6.2 6.6 V DZ V Drive Supply Voltage 5.5 7.0 V DD IDD_EXT Regulator External Load Current 3.0 mA RDD Gate Drive Turn-On Current Set Resistance(5) 10 25 200 Ω Min. of V PWM Input Pin Voltage 0 5 PWM (V or 20) V CC VCC Supply Voltage 10 24 V TC Operating Case Temperature -40 125 °C (3) Exposure to conditions beyond maximum recommended operating conditions for extended periods of time may affect device reliability. (4) Use of Zener diode other than 6.2 V is not recommended. See Table I for recommended part numbers of 6.2 V Zener diodes. (5) RDD resistor must be used. Minimum 10 Ohm to ensure application and device robustness.
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