Datasheet J201, SST201 (Vishay)

描述N-Channel JFETs
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J/SST201 Series. Vishay Siliconix. N-Channel JFETs. J201. SST201. J202. SST202. J204. SST204. Part Number. VGS(off) (V). V(BR)GSS Min (V)

Datasheet J201, SST201 Vishay



J/SST201 Series Vishay Siliconix N-Channel JFETs J201 SST201 J202 SST202 J204 SST204
Part Number VGS(off) (V) V(BR)GSS Min (V) gfs Min (mS) IDSS Min (mA)
J/SST201 −0.3 to −1.5 −40 0.5 0.2 J/SST202 −0.8 to −4 −40 1 0.9 J/SST204 −0.3 to −2 −25 0.5 0.2 FEATURES BENEFITS APPLICATIONS D Low Cutoff Voltage: J201 <1.5 V D Full Performance from Low Voltage D High-Gain, Low-Noise Amplifiers D High Input Impedance Power Supply: Down to 1.5 V D Low-Current, Low-Voltage D Very Low Noise D Low Signal Loss/System Error Battery-Powered Amplifiers D High Gain: AV = 80 @ 20 mA D High System Sensitivity D Infrared Detector Amplifiers D High Quality Low-Level Signal D Ultra High Input Impedance Amplification Pre-Amplifiers DESCRIPTION The J/SST201 series features low leakage, very low noise, are available in tape-and-reel for automated assembly (see and low cutoff voltage for use with low-level power supplies. Packaging Information). The J/SST201 is excellent for battery powered equipment and low current amplifiers. For similar products in TO-206AA (TO-18) packaging, see the 2N4338/4339/4340/4341 data sheet. The J series, TO-226 (TO-92) plastic package, provides low cost, while the SST series, TO-236 (SOT-23) package, provides surface-mount capability. Both the J and SST series For applications information see AN102 and AN106. TO-226AA TO-236 (TO-92) (SOT-23) D 1 D 1 3 G S 2 S 2 G 3 Top View Top View SST201 (P1)* SST202 (P2)* J201 SST204 (P4)* J202 J204 *Marking Code for TO-236 Document Number: 70233 S-40393—Rev. G, 15-Mar-04