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描述UltraBK 4A DC–DC Converter Module
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MYTNA1R84RELA2RA. Product Description. Efficiency. Features. Typical Applications. Figure 1. Efficiency Plot

Datasheet MYTNA1R84RELA2RA Murata



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UltraBK™ 4A DC–DC Converter Module
Product Description
is miniature UltraBK™ called “Ultra Block”, an ultra-thin high efficiency integrated power solution that combines a 4A DC/DC converter with components. This totally integrated module provides up to 90.5% efficiency in a small and thin 10.5 x 9.0 x 2.1mm LGA package. Murata’s easy-to-use module terminal design allows simple power layout and maximum efficiency by minimizing routing parasitic resistance. ■ Wide input voltage 6.0 to 14.4V
■ Settable output voltage 0.7 to 1.8V ■ Efficiency up to 90.5% Ta=25°C 12VIN 1.8VOUT Up to 90.0% Efficiency with 12VIN/1.8VOUT/4A ■ Up to 4A ■ Ultra-thin/small 10.5 x 9.0 x 2.1mm LGA package
■ Power-good output ■ Over-current and Over-temperature protection ■ Remote on/off control ■ Output voltage sense
Typical Applications
■ PCIe / server applications
Figure 1. Efficiency Plot
■ FPGA and DSP ■ Datacom / telecom systems ■ Distributed bus architectures (DBA) ■
Simplified Application Circuit
Programmable logic and mixed voltage systems
Figure 2. Simplified Circuit Diagram
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